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A Genie’s Garden – Best Lingerie Subscription Boxes For Women

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A Genie’s Garden

A Genie’s Garden is a monthly comforting subscription for women having gifts and spiritual items to provide comfort to their mystic souls.

What’s in the box?

The subscription tube has 4 to 6 items per month. The monthly tubes have organic tampons, soaps, essential oils, and local teas that help in calming. The tube even has some chocolate, themed makeup brushes, Pads, and panty liners too. In addition to these products, the tube also contains fluffy and fuzzy amazing gifts for its customer.

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Why buy this product?

This subscription tube provides everything for women that ensures the improvement of physical and mental health. This subscription tube can be given as a gift. This subscription is only shipped in the United States. This subscription will be a self-treat, comforts the mystic soul and makes one inspired to accept the inner genie goddess in them and their natural gifts.

Pros of the product:

  • Provides awesome and high-quality products every month at the doorstep.
  • This subscriptions aids in the improvement of mental and physical health.
  • Ships worldwide from the United States.
  • This helps a woman to get inspired, healthy and comforted in this busy lifestyle


You can have the mystical monthly subscription for $ 20.00 per month

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