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When you become open to possibilities, your life gets limitless. That’s why you should often surprise yourself. But the how is an irrelevant question. You should have guessed that I’m talking about ‘Presents’ when you read the second line. But, why presents?

Do you remember the day when you first fell in love? You might have felt that everything is fine with the world. Up beating right? That’s because of Oxytocin, the love hormone. Getting surprise presents is found to be recreating the same cheerful feeling. However, the hardest reality is you hardly get any presents even on your birthday and Christmas comes once in a year.

Curious to sort that out? Try gifting yourself! Do you know who loves you more in this world? Yes, it’s you. So, it’s not a self-obsessed act to gift you. Remember, a gift relieves you from stress and makes you more open to the world. But, self-gifting is an art. It may induce thoughts like you are wasting money on the thing that you don’t need. Want to know how to resolve this guilt? Then keep up with this article.

The art of gifting yourself has many forms such as ordering food or something online and waiting for it, asking your cousins to mail your headphones back to you, which hardly works though, and finally, subscribing to subscription boxes. But wait, what is this subscription box thing?

Okay, a subscription box is a wonderful business and it’s gained more popularity in the past three years. Let’s not get into that far. Let’s crush the concept to bring it in a nutshell.

You subscribe to your favorite magazine or story pages from which you get fed with their latest stories monthly or weekly. But, you can subscribe to something related to your hobby. For example, if you love artworks, you can subscribe to an art-themed gadget package, which you could receive every month. Whatever may be your hobby, it may be crafting, skincare, yoga, food, drink, books, or movies, trust me, there is a subscription box you can get every month. All you need to do is to do subscribe to one and let it surprise you.

However, aren’t subscription boxes costly? No, there are thousands of such boxes under 50 bucks. Here, in this article, we clamped down top subscription boxes that fall inside the budget box of under $50. Let’s take a look at them.

1. Laurel & Reed:

If caring for your skin is your hobby, then you might have heard about Laurel & Reed. Laurel & Reed is specialized in producing skin-care products and luxe beauty items. Laure & Reed sells many skin-care products that are full-size, all-natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free. But, some of their products can easily range more than $50. However, you can have their best products as a gift by subscribing to their box, which comes gift-wrapped.

1.1 What do you get from Laurel & Reed Subscription box?

A gift-wrapped box with a custom message from Laurel & Reed.

3+ full-size products, whose gross values always exceed $125.

Though the gross price is more than $100, you get them all for under $50, which is obviously not even half of the gross value. And, you get it every month.

You can give a treat for yourself or gift the package to your loved one who carves out for wellness and skin-care.

Price: $43.95

Shipping: Ships worldwide.

Renewal: Automatic renewal plan.

Cancelation: Anytime

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