HappyGal Monthly Subscription Box for Women

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HappyGal Monthly is a monthly subscription for choosing from 7 different options/ sizes and then take a survey to customize it to fit the customer.

What’s in the box?

HappyGal Monthly has basic feminine care items that one can choose from various brand options and then customize the box with the products that a customer love anywhere and at any time. The items range from gifts, treats, beauty products, essentials like period things each month

Why buy this product?

This subscription allows customization of the feminine care range by conducting a survey on 7 different size or option preferences. They provide choosing a product from a brand and how many items to receive and any part of the customized box can be changed at any time.
The subscription box provides the products of high quality and speaks out fashion.

Pros of the product:

• Customer can pick a style choice and can save a lot of time by this subscription.
• There are three types of subscriptions available within HappyGal Monthly Original, Lite, and Deluxe which vary with pricing and the products in the box.
• This subscription box can be gifted and ships worldwide from the United States.
• The products in this box will be from various popular brands and they provide color and styling options.
• This subscription provides customization at ease and at any time by conducting a survey by trying 7 different options.


You have to choose one among the three subscription options and they have different pricing options but the price starts at $ 9.67 per month

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