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LotusBox is a monthly subscription for PMS suffering women.

What’s in the box?

This subscription provides upliftment and comfort for PMS sufferers. The box contains natural, paraben free products that help women around the world to gain access to health care, feminine products, independence, education, freedom and support them.

Why buy this product?

• The products in this box are natural, organic and paraben free.
• The box every month provides delicious treats and fashionable accessories.
• Ships worldwide from the United States.
• Best gift for all menstruation fighters and provides luxurious personal care items.

Pros of this product:

• The products in this box are organic natural and paraben free.
• Helps in mental and physical health improvement of women
• Supports many other women for having a better physical and social life.
• This subscription will be a self-treat for PMS sufferers.


You can have this subscription for $14.58 per month.

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