Moodevate Subscription Box for Women

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This monthly subscription is a box of handcrafted aromapathy inhalers delivered to the doorstep.

What’s in the box?

The box has mindfully hand made aromapathy inhalers that help in reducing stress and increasing joy. These inhalers are made with essential oils that help in elevating mood. They are natural and can be changed at any time.

Why buy this product?

• Promotes self-care and improves the overall wellness of the customer.
• Suits as a gift for men and women.
• Helps in relieving stress using essential oils.
• Ships worldwide from the United States.

Pros of the product

• Provides stress relief and elevates mood naturally.
• They are handcrafted and are toxic free.
• Aromatherapy health care range that is convenient to carry and use.


You can have this mood elevating subscription inhaler box at $ 10.00 per month.

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