My Petal Club Subscription for Women
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My Petal Club – Best Lingerie Subscription Boxes For Women

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This is a box especially containing period essentials, delivered to your doorstep every month.

What is there in the box?

You can select the type of box best suits you and how often you would like to receive it. You can choose between pads, tampons or combination of both. It includes extras such as Cramp Relief Patch, Urinary Tract Infection self-tester, chocolates and more.

Why buy this product?

This box offers women the convenience of receiving high-quality period essentials, delivered right on the doorstep, every month, right on time. This box can surely improve your period experience.

Pros of the Product

● Offers products for super light to heavy flows, right on time every month, at an affordable cost.

Price of the Product

The price of the subscription is $8 per month.

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