My Petal Club Subscription for Women

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My Petal Club is a premium period box subscription for women.

What’s in the box?

The monthly subscription box has high-quality period essentials curated just for the customer. This company also include extra necessities like Cramp relief patches, Chocolate, UTI self tester, etc.

Why buy this product?

This subscription provides quality period necessities every month at your doorstep. This subscription helps every woman to have a better period-time experience. There are options to choose between pads to tampons. This is shipped only in the United States.

Pros of the product:

• The period subscription will be a unique collection and are of high quality.
• They provide items from super light to heavy flows which are cool.
• Only shipped in the United States
• Provides various options regarding sizes and colors.
• Suits as a gift for women.
• Provide options for choosing pads, tampons or the combination of both.


You can have the Period box monthly subscription of this collection for $8.00 per month.

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