Quirky stork Collection

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Quirky stork Collection is monthly women subscription box that delivers feminine body care items at doorstep.

What’s in the box?

Quirky stork Collection is a monthly women subscription which is by far the most efficient subscription for having best and curated body care items. They curate the items according to the customer’s needs and desires.

Why buy this product?

This subscription serves the best for the women on the go. This box will have high-quality products that are curated according to customer’s choice without having a hassle of going to a supermarket for getting fem care items by delivering them every month.

Pros of the product

• The subscription provides the body care items at the doorstep every month.
• The products in this subscription are curated and are of high quality.
• The subscription saves a lot of time, cost and effort of many busy ladies.
• Suits to give as a gift.


You can have this unique fem care subscription that is of two types at different prices.

● Red shadow box (essentials)-$17.99per month
● Red shadow box (Premium) -$24.99 per month

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