Shark Week Survival Kit-LLC

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This is a monthly subscription for easing the life of women by providing PMS ease products and personal care products.

What’s in the box?

The box merges menstruation with fun. This box has Healing teas, snacks, Holistic PMS care, and other pampering products. The products are to be chosen by the customers The products will be pads, tampons, essential oils, healing tea blends, and some amazing snacks.

Why buy this product?

• The box promotes feminine health care and helps in PMS care as well.
• The pads and tampons in the box are organic.
• The box contains chocolate every month.

Pros of the product

• Many positive reviews from various customers.
• Promotes the personal care range of women.
• Provides organic pads, tampons and amazing healing tea blends to deal with PMS issues.
• The box contains essential oils or essential oils infused products that promote mental health.


You can get this amazing monthly subscription in 6 different options that vary in pricing and products as shown
• Little Shark week survival kit-$7.08 per month.
• Baby Shark survival kit light to medium flow- $10.33 per month
• Baby Shark survival kit medium to heavy flow-$13per month
• Angel Shark survival kit-$18.33 per month
• Shark week survival kit light to medium flow- $23.75 per month
• Shark week survival kit medium to heavy flow- $24.16 per month

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