Skivvie NIX Subscribtion Box for women

Skivvie NIX – Best Lingerie Subscription Boxes For Women

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Skivvie NIX is a subscription of women’s underwear, delivering 2 pairs of it on your doorstep every month.

What is there in the box?

There are 3 different types of underwear you can choose from in this subscription: T-Bone, Tenderloin, and Rump. Each box contains 2 pairs of comfortable, sexy and cute underwear’s. If you choose T-Bone, you will get 2 thongs per month. By choosing Rump Roast, you will get 2 kinds of cheese every month. By choosing Tenderloin, you will get 1 thong and 1 cheese every month.

Why buy this product?

At an affordable price, Skivvie NIX subscription provides comfort as well as convenience. Getting it on your doorstep every month is like a delight as it feels you are receiving a gift. The sexy, cute, comfy and cheeky undies will surely make you feel confident and beautiful, all at a bad-ass price.

Pros of the Product

● Free Shipping
● Saves Time of choosing styles and color every month

Price of the Product

The price of the subscription is $17 per month.

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